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Red Ribbon Week

posted Oct 5, 2018, 6:27 AM by Jennifer Cox
Red Ribbon Week will be observed October 22nd through October 26th. We'll show our commitment to being drug free with the following dress-up days:

Monday-Red Rocks! (Rock red to show your support for a drug free school).
Tuesday-Don't Take Time Out for Drugs! (Like, totally, take time to reflect on how bad drugs are for you, dude and dudettes, while you sport some awesome 80's duds. Narly, man.
Wednesday-Drugs are Despicable! (Wear your Despicable Me inspired look to show how despicable drugs are. Say, "Bye, bye, bye to drugs!"
Thursday-Drugs Are a Path to the Dark Side! (Wear your Star Wars inspired apparel to display your fight against drugs. When it comes to drugs, "It's a trap!"
Friday-We Ain't Afraid to Say, "No!" (Wear your favorite Ghostbuster or goblin look to show that you think drugs are spooky). *You will also fit right in for our Halloween-inspired dance after school. Admission is $5*